I wonder what your wedding film will look like? 

- Studio Sixpence - 

Here at Studio Sixpence, we understand that not every couple is the same. That is why we take special care in order to meet the couples needs. By forming close connections with Brides and Grooms from all over the East Coast. 

- The Crew -


 Is a film school student currently studying at 4BMedia completing a diploma of screen and media. As a passionate documentarian style film maker he instantly fell in love with weddings early on in his filming days. 

"I love seeing two best friends committing to each other for life, showing their love for each other and turning the page to start a fresh chapter in the couples life. I firmly believe in the commitment between man and women and my passion for film making lies in the art of documenting all that it means to get married and to stand by you in celebration of such a truly special day."


Is studying a Bachelor of Arts (Media + Technology) at Macquarie University. Through recording aspects of his everyday life Riley has trained his creative eye to capture the small moments most people wouldn't even notice. Often second shooting alongside Nathaniel at weddings, Riley enjoys capturing the creative aspects of the day and working with those around him to create a medium which married couples can relive their memories forever.


I hope you'll consider us for you wedding day, we are already looking forward to it!